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Essam Abu Awad

Amman, Jordan, Jordan

PhD Research Students

Member since July 08, 2008

Active in the academic and professional fields of design. Regularly participates in academic conferences to discuss the issue of Graphic Design, its relation with arts and technology and the challenges of teaching Graphic Design. Essam was running his own graphics company, MIDAS, which covers all graphic design media. His other achievements include: - Preparation of 'An Introduction to Textile and Fashion Design Course and Textile Printing Techniques' for Jerusalem Open University, in 1991. - Participating in graphic design conferences in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. - Participating in graphic design seminars and forums held at Amman, which focus on exchanging experiences and views on different issues that concern the process and techniques that are related to graphic design. - Editing in process: An academic book, that tackle the issue of graphic design in a new way, to help the students in their postgraduate studies, teaching them how to define a problem, explore attributes of a problem and create awareness, draw their attention to different angles in order to discover new means and methods in design.

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I will act always as a designer!

Communication, Communication Design

It is my daily nightmare. No, it is not a true nightmare, let us say, a visitor. It is not only a ni...

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Design is a place. Design is to say.

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design