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Jorge Meza

Mexico, Mexico D.F., Mexico

Head of Design Department

Member since July 07, 2008

Jorge Meza: Visual Artist, Graphic Designer and Systems Engineer

As a child, I loved drawing, watching t.v. and playing asteroids with my Atari 2600. At the begining of the 80’s I got his my first computer: a commodore C16. Since then my life has been an enjoyable mix of Technology and Art.

Like other digital designers I discovered the medium from the video games and TV shows of my childhood. I studied Graphic Design at University Iberoamericana followed by an MFA in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Art “San Carlos”, both in Mexico City. After graduating from there in 1997, I went to Poland and studied Etching, Drawing and Poster Design for two years at the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Majteiko in Kraków. In 1999 I returned to Mexico City to open my own design studio. Actually I am Head of the DEsign Depoartment at University Iberoamericana.

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Universidad Iberoamericana Design Department’s Mission Statement

The first program of Industrial Design in Mexico and Latin America started at the University Iberoamericana 53 years ago (in 1955).The Department of Design was officially created in 1963. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most dynamic departments in the University. The Design Department believes that design is an important factor of social development and should become an integral part of the multicultural and multiethnic Mexico.


The Design Department is committed to promote and collaborate in the development and education of its members (students, faculty and alumni), in order to be capable to serve Mexico, through planning and implementation of design strategies that will impact the material culture’s conformation.

Design Department’s Goals

To fulfill its mission, the Design Department has defined its primary goals as follows:


  • To provide an interdisciplinary and qualified design education to our students that will develop their abilities to think critically, solve design problems effectively and work actively in the sustainable development of the country.

  • To broaden perspectives in order to visualize alternative forms of work that will allow our students, faculty and alumni, to participate in the construction of a fairer Mexico.

  • To confront the pressing problems of our country in an appropriate manner, by using alternative methodologies and trying to have an overall view of the social impact of the professional design activity.

Design is an important factor of social development

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Diseño Ibero

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design