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Oviedo, Principado de Asturias, Spain

Ephemeral Architecture - Product Design

Member since June 17, 2008

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    Hello David;

    I've seen about in a article about you in NEO2 magazine, published in Spain, and i was clarified for me, read about vulgarism in design and your speaks Jaime Hayón works, this it's valiant to explain this affirmation, but in my student opinion, most of all designers made a differents works, a part of these are more non-design-yes-expression and other totally good design, every day designers must (and not designers only) plays to balance line works, betwen vulgarism, kistch, funcional, asepthic, porcelain or cardboard...anyway, finding a personal and work expression are for.

    its for me explain these concept clear, but i could define my opinion with this phrase:

    You could try made all components of a phone mobile in fine china, but you cant made a call, but express an idea

    Sincerely thanks for your work... i can learn more,


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