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Allison Wilton

Buffalo, NY, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 08, 2008

i just graduated from the school of art & design at alfred university with a BFA in graphic design and printmaking. currently in search of a full-time design job. right now i do a lot of freelance design work for clients on the west coast.

i am a huge supporter of the book arts. i love making books of all sorts. i try my best not to be a complete and utter type snob, but alas, it happens a lot. I love immersing myself in my work. i find myself constantly critiquing design that surrounds me everyday. a normal trip to the grocery store is not normal for me. i cannot help my brain from spotting the endless amount of bad type on food packaging.

a perfect day for me would be waking up with a cup or two of freshly brewed iced coffee, checking and responding to some emails, and then spending the rest of the day making and binding books in the sunshine with some great tunes in the background.

here are some other random factoids that might intruige you. i am a cynically minded only child, born and raised in the suburbs of buffalo, ny. my mother is a desgner and my father works for a large printing company. hmm i wonder if design runs in my genes? i drive an 02 saturn sl2. i enjoy anything aesthically related. im kind of a nerd about it really. im also into digital printmaking, woodcuts, and monoprinting. my favorite color is yellow. i like wearing t shirts inside out. i hope you've enjoyed reading my rambling stream of consciousness.

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A lack of design knowledge

Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

Posted May 30, 2007
By David Carlson

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"its not about the world of design, its about the design of the world" bm

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  • Industrial Design
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  • Communication Design
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