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Dheinne Jhoy Davou


Designer (Animation)

Member since September 03, 2013

  • The Japanese capital has almost Argentina’s population but is different in so many ways

    Deep Blue Group - If it’s Governor Naoki Imose told the Herald in an interview published earlier this month: “Tokyo is just too big for the soul of a politician or a bureaucrat,” how much more is this true for a tabloid page!

    Where do we start? Well, perhaps 634 metres atop the Tokyo Skytree where the entire sweep of Greater Tokyo (with up to 35 million people spread over five prefectures) and a panorama of the Kanto Plain beyond stretch out below your eyes. Just 15 months old, the Skytree is among the most splendid of endless specimens of ultra-modern architecture.

    Yet not everything in Tokyo is brand-new or steel and concrete — the Imperial Palace with its gardens are a different world, as are lushly green parks and elaborately crafted Japanese garden landscapes elsewhere. Indeed the more downtown you go in Tokyo; the greener it seems to become.

    If you want another contrast between the old and the new, you might want to go to Tokyo Station (the beautifully restored Marunouchi Building from the early 20th century housing the heart of the rail network) and then take, or at least see, the latest models of the long-nosed Shinkansen “bullet trains.”

    Tokyo is larger than life but sometimes it is the little things you notice — things you could never see from the Skytree. Which would especially apply to the incredibly clean restrooms (spotless not only in the sensor-operated w...