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nilankur das

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Designer (film)

Member since June 03, 2008

  • Truth Seekers

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    We are a new media studio focused on enabling networks of socially & spiritually conscious content and its creators. We are dedicated to bring authentic voices of diverse cultures to global audiences.

    Our online venues cater to contemporary audiences plugged into global-net, who are world-cinema-lovers with conscious sensibilities and enlightened curiosity to learn/understand foreign cultures, societies and our collective future. With this platforms we are committed to build/provide a democratic platform, create dialogue among story.tellers from different countries, provide transparent online distribution system and offer these cultural agents from various societies an opportunity to help unite the world. With these efforts we are also developing an archive of content, which does not merely speak, but pulsates to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace the humanity.

    Our aim is to bring together spiritually and socially conscious community (creatives + civil society) and produce meaningful content that serves & furthers contemporary world.

    We are here -

  • Call for Writers

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    To you, is it a bliss to meditatively write and move spirit/consciousness of the audience? Do you love to focus on subjects such as films/media, consciousness, culture/society, identity? Do you write in the style where profundity meets simplicity of expression?

    Our wish is to adopt a voice that is: Mature, Noble, Pragmatic, Frank, Fearless, Fresh; truth-seeking, expansive & inclusive, sharp- focused, thoughtful & sensitive – holding compassionate viewpoint of humanity and disparate cultures. We are launching an online venue with weekly blog catering to our primary audience - film-makers, film-lovers, conscious creatives/citizens. This venue is to be launched in March/April 2009.

    Through this effort, we are not just building a platform/structure that simply publishes content, but one that raises consciousness of film-makers and unites people through their spirit. We are looking for writers who wish to blog and engage with global audience in a dialogue through this online platform. These opportunities are for freelance contributions which can commence now. Compensation is based on experties/experience and efforts required. If you have experience as film/media critic, social scientist, cultural anthropologist, or editorial journalist, we wish to know you.

    To learn about us, please visit Please email us your profile/interest/samples at :

    In respect of time, we will contact you if we find your profile/expect...

  • Socially Conscious Film Festival

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    You are invited to the Film Festival 08 : East Speaks, Here - Asia & Middle East 's first online film festival.

    The hearts & minds of storytellers, from various countries, unveiled at this open film festival presented by Culture Unplugged Studios in partnership with you and all the film-makers participating.

    The festival, wishing to focus on not just films, nor just film-makers, but the consciousness transplanted thru cinema.

    Be the jury and Enjoy! Film Festival 08 : East Speaks, Here -

    Watch, vote and spread the buzz in your community, on your social networks, in your blogs.

    Promote consciousness.



We are the crew of this spaceship called Earth!!!

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