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victor salman

San Fransisco, CA, United States

Designer (Furniture Design)

Member since May 13, 2008

  • The Dialoge of the city or the Urban space as the fourth skin

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    As the social animals we are, we live in cities, big or small, with quiet streets and busy highways. The city in which we live adds another layer to who we are: it influences our perspectives of the world, it shapes our thoughts and create our experiences. The city, the urban environment, affects our view of the world, our world inside.

    The city, urban space, has been considered by some as our fourth skin. Where “skin” is the envelope of our body and gives us the feeling of insideness and communicates with the outside, skin give us the dichotomy of in and out.

    So when we think of the fourth skin and the urban spaces, and we look around at how the city communicates with us, the most intimate and meaningful dialogue is street art.

    Many consider graffiti a form of vandalism, a grotesque way to de-beautify our cities. These graffiti makers are still not considered artist by many. Here we find a label again, where people want to put in a small box the “creation” of an individual based on their educational background.

    And as we want to break these paradigms and labels, we are taking inspiration of the city, trying to bring elements of the street into the inside living space.

    How can we challenge the regular Joe Doe to bring the language of his city within his third skin, and experience his city in a different way.

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