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Elaine Young

Tokyo, Japan

Designer (Clothing)

Member since May 12, 2008

::::::::::::: LAByrinth <<< is a BIOTECH FASHION label dedicated to sparking dialogue about how biotechnology affects the way we live and define what it means to be human. ::::::::::::: AMULA DNA Jewellery - 21st century locket (jewellery containing DNA: you, your lover, friends, family, animals/plants) ::::::::::::: HOST - for your living things' original graphic series featuring ultramicroscopic species ::::::::::::: WEAR THE WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD


::::::::::::: Call for submissions >>> MAP THE FUTURE INITIATIVE ::::::::::::: DNA necklaces for CONSERVATION and the ENVIRONMENT ::::::::::::: MAP THE FUTURE is a collection of necklaces featuring the synthesized DNA of endangered or threatened species. ::::::::::::: Each collectible item is accompanied by a booklet of facts, including the species’ cultural, spiritual and genetic histories as well as the current state of their survival. ::::::::::::: A percentage of proceeds will be donated to conservation programs dedicated to the featured plant or animal. ::::::::::::: MAP THE FUTURE recognizes the importance of the preservation of biodiversity to ensure the enjoyment of the world's richness for future generations. The necklaces serve as a reminder of the weight of our daily actions in determining the future. ::::::::::::: Do you have an idea for a MAP THE FUTURE INITIATIVE item? We would love to hear from you. You can contact me at

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the LAByrinth project . life . science . design ::: MAP THE FUTURE /// WEAR THE WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD

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