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Jeff Foster

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Designer (Web Design)

Member since May 09, 2008

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    If you have been following the social networking trend you will know that now has over twice as many page views as Google does! Myspace is just above Google too but I don't really count that due to the lack of organization of their site.

    Although is widely known in the SEO world. videos are popping up in #1 positions for popular searches, such as Social Networking. You will see the #3 & #4 spot are both videos. t

    So how can you use video sharing networks like YouTube effectively? If you are looking to design for the greater good you need to take into account the power of the social media that is currently out.

    Here is a great article to read on the growth of online communities:

    Online Community Explosion

    So if you want to design correctly, you need to design you advertising around social can jump start your organization quickly!

It is not how well you design a website, but how good the internet business you design is!

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