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eve mosher

New York, NY, United States

Artist / Entrepreneur

Member since April 29, 2008

  • This idea was directly generated from Matthias Merkel Hess' posting on EcoArtBlog, "Getting Dirty at the Hammer." In it he mentions that the panel discussion (featuring Steve Badgett/SimpArch, Amy Franceschini/Futurefarmers and Nance Klehm) discussed the role of the gallery for artists who work in communities on a project basis. Amy Franceschini stated something about (in Matthias' words) "Franceschini said the gallery can be used as a testing ground and that failure is possible without hurting anyone."

    Last night I was trying to figure out how on earth I would store the 100+ plots for the "Seeding the City. Along the walls would be images of the plots in place. I can even create a little string based network of the plot spaces in the gallery. I LOVE THIS IDEA! So now I have to either find a gallery that would be up for this for the entire 3-5 month project timeline (at least it is summer!) or get a Swing Space from LMCC. If you have a gallery & are interested, be sure to contact me!

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  • Getting action

    Arts & Culture


    I have been working on a project called "Insert __ Here" which is a global project inspiring local thinking. The tagline is "rethink your neighborhood." In the face of climate change this project seeks to encourage people to think about, identify and hopefully take action in their own neighborhood - from simple things like getting recycling bins in place, or motion sensors for lights to bigger actions like solar panels & community gardens.

    One aspect of the project is to photograph your "requested remediation" and upload the image to flickr. From there I am asking designers/artists/illustrators to participate by imagining the remediations. I am seeking creative, stylized interesting interpretations from a worldwide team.

    I have had a lot of designers say that they loved the project idea and they want to participate, but then they don't. How can I motivate people?

    I thought that if I could get some really interesting works up there it would motivate others, so I am paying for a few of the remediations. Since I am an artist and this is not currently a funded project, its not realistic to continue to do this.

    Here is the project site: Insert __ Here And the flickr group: Insert __ Here Flickr Group

    The latest idea is to run a competition that would happen as follows: -The remediation which by the end of December of 2008 has the most "favorites" wins $300 -A random drawing of two of the remediations will each win $100 So, the more ...

making art work.

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