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eve mosher

New York, NY, United States

Artist / Entrepreneur

Member since April 29, 2008

I have a keen interest in the world around us. For many years, I have worked on projects that abstractly investigate the human condition in relationship to the world in which we live. In early 2006, I embarked on a natural outgrowth of my previous work. I decided to add to my practice large scale projects that occurred in the public space and engaged the audience directly regarding specific ecological issues. My project, HighWaterLine, won international attention for creating a piece, which utilized art and performance to increase knowledge and understanding around climate change. By creating works that play upon a sense of wonder and intrigue, I provide my audience access to larger issues. I am specifically interested in providing works that have actions built into them and enjoy the human aspect of creating works in the public realm. Taking on such dire issues as climate change, toxic waterways, and environmental economics can weigh heavily. For this reason, I create works that inspire hope and contain a sense of light-heartedness which are representative of her own outlook on life.

If I were not pursuing a career as an artist, I would be studying the world around us in the role of either botanist or biologist. I am constantly fascinated by the geometries and patterns of growth both within and outside of our bodies. I explore the effects of time and the complex relationship between man and nature through sculptures, drawings, installations and public art. By merging natural forms with manmade techniques and materials, I create works that investigate the constant struggle between our progress and nature's survival. My work examines details of the world around us and questions the delineation between the manmade world and wilderness and our perception of both.

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This idea was directly generated from Matthias Merkel Hess' posting on EcoArtBlog, "Getting Dir...

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The Girl Effect, n.

Poverty, Communication Design

Posted June 10, 2008
By Kate Andrews

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