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Monica Ramone

venice, ca, United States

Designer (Journalism)

Member since April 29, 2008

  • Ban Plastic Bags - Carry your Own Groovy Pouch to the store!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Ban the Plastic Bag for You and Your Pet!

    My next rant is about plastic bags - they are not only made from oil and pollute our landscapes but they clog our oceans and streams!

    As a member of Heal the Bay and Surfrider and an avid recycler, I cringe at the site of plastic bags! Every time I surf in Venice I pick 5 - 10 bags out of the ocean, tuck them in my wetsuit leg and bring them ashore. I tried to figure out how I could make a difference, I knew the huge corporate stores like Ralph's, Vons etc would not stop using plastic bags right away and it would take legislation which Heal the Bay is working on and I support.

    I figured the best place to start immediately to educate the public would be in our Farmer's Markets. Here, the consumers care about what they eat, they want to know their grower and purchase organic healthy foods. So I came up with a concept that is helpful for everyone TAKE YOUR BAG TO MARKET! and stop what I call the "plastic habit!"

    Being a TV Director by trade, I even created a short PSA in one day at my local VeniceFarmer's market interviewing organic family farmer Bob Polito on how the Farmer's market experience is so special, he gets to know his customers, and they get the better quality food than offered in grocery stores. He then starts to talk about the ban on bags in San Francisco and how he thinks it's time to do so in LA. Overall, my feeling is that any shopper at a farmer’s market can see that one aspect of the “wholesome experience” is out of sync. As you tour a market taking in beautiful colors, shapes and smells, talk to a local grower about seasonal foods, handpick your fruit and vegetables…it all feels fresh and healthy. Then you’re handed organic produce in a PLASTIC BAG – made from PETROLEUM filled with chemicals. YUK! When asked WHY the grower chooses to use plastic, his honest answer is “it’s cost effective, I’m just a small grower.” So next time you are at the market - bring your own bag, tell the grocer you prefer NO PLASTIC BAG. I hope the concept will catch on!!

    Plastic Bag Statistics ---

    It takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose.

    1,460 Plastic bags are used each year by an average U.S. family.

    12 million Barrels of oil are used to make the plastic bags each year for just U.S. consumption.

    Less than 1% of all plastic bags get recycled in the U.S.

    88.5 billion plastic bags were consumed in the U.S. last year alone.

    A million plastic bags are used every minute, worldwide, and the number is rising.

    Roughly 60–80% of all marine debris, and 90% of floating debris is plastic.

    Plastic resin polymers are so durable that it can take hundreds of years for plastics to break down at sea, and some may never truly biodegrade in the marine environment.

    Each year, the State of California spends approximately $25 million to landfill discarded plastic bags.

    The City of San Francisco alone, estimates dealing with plastic bag litter costs about 17 cents per bag, totaling $8.5 million annually.

    As the annual consumption in LA County is an estimated 6 billion plastic bags.

    Plastic bags (which resemble jellyfish or sponges) are mistaken for food or prey by seabirds, marine mammals, fish, and sea turtles.

    More then 1 million seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals, and countless fish die annually through ingestion of and entanglement in marine debris, including plastic bags.

    Say No to Plastic!

    Bring Your Own Re-Usable Bag!


    Be Green When it Comes to Picking Up after Your Pets


    I have two dogs and wanted to be sure I was doing the right thing. Did you know that every time you throw your dog’s waste in the trash, you are adding more plastic bags to our landfills and hurting the environment! Be Eco-Friendly and try our Biodegradable and Compostable Dog Waste Bags made out of natural cornstarch instead of plastic! Save our Planet!

    These Bags are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable. BioBags doggie bags help to make cleaning up after Fido a little more Earth friendly. Made from cornstarch, they help to eliminate regular plastic bags from our environment. World’s 1st Certified Biodegradable pooper bags!

    Awful Truth about Plastic Bags: • Regular polyethylene plastic bags take well over 100 years to degrade. • Less than 2% of plastic bags ever get recycled! They litter our streets, backwoods and waterways. The City of Los Angeles found plastic bags and film represent 45% of the litter in the Los Angeles River. Studies indicate that 100,000 marine animals and 2 million birds die each year from ingesting or being caught up in plastic debris. BIO BAG Disposal Options: • BioBag can be thrown in backyard compost, where it can decompose naturally; • The BioBag and dog waste can be set at curbside with other yard waste in the Green Bin.

    So when you go to the pet store - purchase your own eco-friendly doggie bags!

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