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Monica Ramone

venice, ca, United States

Designer (Journalism)

Member since April 29, 2008

  • Girls Gone Green!

    Community, Environmental Design


    Girls Go Green in Venice Beach, CA Come Along on Their Eco -Adventure !

    Monica lives and works in bohemian Venice Beach which is known to be an artsy community at the beach and although it is in Los Angeles - it doesn't feel like it. Here we wear flip flops and go out casual. I surf and roller blade and because our toes are in the sand quite often, we tend to be aware of our environment. Monica is a member of Surfrider, Heal the Bay, Sierra Club, NRDC, USGBC and has greened such events as ABBOT KINNEY FEST and the USGBC Sustainable event downtown. The last thing for her to do was Green her 2 original 1940's bungalows where she runs her Eco-Friendly Production Company and Consulting firm - SYNERGY TV PRODUCTIONS (www.SynergyProductions.TV)

    I guess you can say I like to live the communal life and have a small footprint! Being a greenie for 15 + years, I have always tried to do what I can to lessen my footprint and my tenants Mary and Leah are stoked to learn more. We make it a point to bike ride around our neighborhood, to the store, to visit friends and even to our local bars. We like to think of ourselves as conscious b/c we recycle, have an organic garden and carry our own sassy canvas re-usable canvas bags when we shop at the local FM (Farmer's Market). But one day I wanted to do more and decided it was great to have a Green Lifestyle but I wanted us to be in Green homes too! I Greened both of our small bungalow homes . CHECK OUT THE BEFORE - CONSTRUCTION AND AFTER PICS (...

  • Dump_177_

    Ban the Plastic Bag for You and Your Pet!

    My next rant is about plastic bags - they are not only made from oil and pollute our landscapes but they clog our oceans and streams!

    As a member of Heal the Bay and Surfrider and an avid recycler, I cringe at the site of plastic bags! Every time I surf in Venice I pick 5 - 10 bags out of the ocean, tuck them in my wetsuit leg and bring them ashore. I tried to figure out how I could make a difference, I knew the huge corporate stores like Ralph's, Vons etc would not stop using plastic bags right away and it would take legislation which Heal the Bay is working on and I support.

    I figured the best place to start immediately to educate the public would be in our Farmer's Markets. Here, the consumers care about what they eat, they want to know their grower and purchase organic healthy foods. So I came up with a concept that is helpful for everyone TAKE YOUR BAG TO MARKET! and stop what I call the "plastic habit!"

    Being a TV Director by trade, I even created a short PSA in one day at my local VeniceFarmer's market interviewing organic family farmer Bob Polito on how the Farmer's market experience is so special, he gets to know his customers, and they get the better quality food than offered in grocery stores. He then starts to talk about the ban on bags in San Francisco and how he thinks it's time to do so in LA. Overall, my feeling is that any shopper a...