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Rusty Allen

Hermosa Beach, CA, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since April 15, 2008

  • Define Green Design



    Green Design means different things to everyone and everything depending on its perspective:

    To me the Green mind-set is the realization that a rebirth of humans relationship with earth is imperative! "Green Design" encourage us as creators of things to not only "plug" problems we have created via design/redesign, but begin to re-evaluate our negative habits as consumers and users of materials, creatively. In turn as the ball start rolling, the more environmentally conscious the consumer will become, "Green" will go back to being a color and our civilization will be healthier and more environmentally considerate, while remaining productive as a society. Its a whole lifestyle redesign and it starts with + action!

    " We will never completely "destroy" the earth, only the things that enable life to live on it" -Rusty Allen

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"We will never "destroy" earth, just what allows life to live on it"

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design