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Christian Etter

London, England

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since May 09, 2007

  • While I type this entry, a young woman - only a few meters away from me - is just about to insert a needle into her arm, in order to inject heroine into her blood circulation.

    She is a mother of a 16-month-old boy and a guest at my house. And I know about her drug problem. Since she is just next room, I can hear her preparing the fix.

    This isn’t just a fiction or a creative briefing. It's reality. Right now. My question to you, dear community: how can design solve a problem like this one? Are we too naive? Don't we need something better than that?

  • Mapping the terror

    Peace, Communication Design


    There is a new website by Amnesty International. It uses newly acquired high-resolution commercial satellite images of Darfur to help protect 12 intact but vulnerable villages caught on the frontline of the conflict. Eyes On Darfur also includes an archival feature, which shows destroyed villages since the conflict began in 2003 and includes expert testimony: <a href=""></a>

  • Reclaim the street

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Here is a good example for efficient design: Jason Eppink explains how to make a Pixelator. An unauthorized project to free the cities from all this stupid ads on advertising screens.

    I think it's pretty much an global problem with does ads, since they trying to convince us subconsciously, how imperfect we are and on what we miss out.

    On his website Jason explains how we can get rid off this troublesome ads with very simple tools: <a href=""></a>

  • Thoughts on the globalization of design

    Community, Communication Design


    I am lucky. I was born in Switzerland, where I learned how you should design. Now I live and work in different countries, I speak different languages, and my friends come from different parts of the world. One family. I am very lucky.

    Then I think, how come design always looks the same, feels the same? I meet international designers and I can't see any difference between their work and mine. Even though they come from across the globe, the cultural variety seems to be watered down. Things like the Internet, international exhibitions, low cost airlines and the domination of the English language have opened the door to the whole world.

    Is it really the whole world or just what is adaptable with western standards? Is it necessary? Or maybe, do I have to know other cultures' identities in order to understand mine?

    I don't know.

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