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Ed Annink

Den Haag, Netherlands

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since April 12, 2008

Ontwerpwerk, multidisciplinary design Ed Annink is co-owner and creative director of Ontwerpwerk multidisciplinary design in Den Haag, the Netherlands. He works with international companies such as Driade (Italy), Authentics (Germany), Droog Design (Netherlands), Designum (Netherlands), Frankfurter Messe (Germany), ExperimentaDesign (Portugal), Purple South (New Sealand), Royal VKB (Netherlands), Showroom (Finland), Nexus Technology (Netherlands) and others. At Ontwerpwerk he is responsible for product, exhibition, booth and event design and the creative direction for multi-disciplinary projects.

Foundation Products of Imagination He is co-founder and chairman of Foundation Products of Imagination (1987) which initiates and organizes international design projects and publications. In 2003 he curated and designed the travelling exhibition (and book) ‘Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas’ (for ExperimentaDesign in Lisbon) which discusses the value of design and the role of the designer and pleas for an unlimited cultural curiosity.

Summer workshops for Vitra Design Museum Ed Annink led a.o. international design workshops for Vitra Design Museum in France (yearly from 1997 to 2005) and Design Industry in New Sealand. He was co-initiator and head for the Masters Degree for Experience and Scenario design ‘Funlab’ at the Design Academie Eindhoven (2000-2003). In 2002 he initiates the concept for Nomadic Academy. Since 2004 he is design director for Cor Unum, contemporary ceramics in the Netherlands and advisor for several (inter)national design institutes and design courses.

Intendant and curator for Utrecht Manifest In 2007 he was appointed as intendant and curator for Utrecht Manifest. A national event, with international orientation, focusing on social design. For this he invited Vitra Design Museum (Mateo Kries), the British Council (Emily Campbell) and Experimenta (Guta Moura Guedes) to act as international advisory board.

Bright Minds Beautiful Ideas. Book and exhibition In 2005 he initiated and designed a travelling design exhibition. The exhbition showed work of Bruno Munari, Charles and Ray Eames, Marti Guixe and Jurgen Bey. With the exhibition the book Bright Minds Beautiful Ideas was published. Exhibition and book are a plea for more curiosity and experimentation in design, production and distribution and design education.

Lovely Language, words divide images unite. Book and exhibition. In 2007 Ed Annink was intendant and curator for Utrecht Manifest. From that position he initiated a.o. the exhibition and book Lovely Language. Max Bruinsma was asked to write two essays. Laura van Uitert was assistant and researcher for the exhibition and book. Exhibition: In the 1920s, the Austrian sociologist Otto Neurath (1882–1945) developed an international visual language, for which the German-Dutch graphic artist Gerd Arntz (1900–1988) designed more than 4,000 pictograms. Neurath’s motto – ‘words divide, images unite’ – is the point of departure for the Lovely Language exhibition. Many of the duo’s designs were the forebears of pictograms we now encounter everywhere, such as the man and woman on toilet doors. How tenable is the ‘ISOTYPE’ (International System of Typographic Picture Education) by Neurath and Arntz in the 21st century?
Lovely Language presents Neurath and Arntz’s visual language and the way it was employed as the basis for the development of an international visual language. Also on show is recent and inspiring work at the frontiers of word and image by Mieke Gerritzen, Koert van Mensvoort, the British-Finnish artist Charles Sandison and others.

Book: The book Lovely Language - words divide, images unite is edited after the exhibition. This book aims at providing material for the discussion about visual communication tomorrow. Are the generic guidelines of Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz still valid? Or have they become embedded into a visual language that by now goes well beyond their project? And what is the future role of designers and communicators in using and expanding this language?

Nomadic Academy Curiosity, creativity, innovation, feasibility, accessible and implementation.

The Nomadic Academy, an initiative from Ontwerpwerk, is a project organization for creative input to the development of ideas and products for companies and public services. To achieve this the Nomadic Academy has a global network of professionals institutions and schools from the design world.

The Nomadic Academy is not based anywhere, but works international on location. The Nomadic Academy can be contracted for brainstorms, workshops and for a subscription on creativity. The participants are international design students and design professionals. Under the Nomadic Academy’s leadership, they develop concepts on specific themes. This always generates fresh ideas, a new vision or a product. The Nomadic Academy thus functions as an intermediary between designers and manufacturers and decision-makers in order to create quality with understanding for the wants and needs of local and global society.

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Utrecht Manifest, biannual for Social Design published several articles on design and sustainability...

Utrecht Manifest, biannual for Social Design. I was intendant, curator and organizer for edition 2007.

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