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SF Bay Area, CA, United States

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  • GREEN is about the BIG PICTURE


    Green design is about helping mankind coexist better with the environment. There are two general methods for going about this:

    -1 REDUCING THE NEGATIVE - reducing the physical impact of the design)

    -2 INCREASING THE POSITIVE - design in a way that changes bad behaviors or creates new, good behaviors that reduce impact on the environment).

    The “greenest design” would incorporate both methods. And when you evaluate a design, both factors should be weighed and be weighed according to the OVERALL IMPACT, which is can be very debatable. It seems like it is going to be a semi-slow road to improving our manufacturing ways, so at this point in time, the power I think really lies in designing a product/service that increases the positive effects, and also, making that product/service popular with consumers as well as popular with business. It truly is important to see the big picture.

    (incomplete) * List of Ways to Design Greenly: *
    -reduce resources used in creating the product

    -think about the end of the product's life (disassembly, lifespan, etc.)

    -make useful products that improve people's lives in some way, thus making the products valuable, indirectly helping people value materials and resources.
    -help people make environmental decisions as painless as possible

    -positively affect as many people as possible through smart business strategy

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