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Jenni Gasche

London, London, United Kingdom

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Member since May 22, 2007

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    ''The myth that the spinal cord cannot regenerate has thankfully been disproven. The spinal cord injured community now has real hope for the future and that hope lies in the Science,'' Jenni Mellis, Chairperson of Walkoncemore explains.

    In the past few years there have been some very promising breakthroughs in cure research. ''The remainder of this decade will prove to be a very important time in the history of SCI research''. Jenni believes. ''There are trials slated to begin in humans to attempt to reverse the paralysis and associated problems that injury to the spinal cord brings. Most of these have excellent supporting evidence in animal clinical trials to date''

    ''There are many efforts almost ready to test in injured patients. This will only be possible with a boost in funding'', Miss Mellis goes on to say. Recently, certain approaches have stood out to the team at Walkoncemore. These include-

    Dr Stephen Davies', Colarado, work with type -1 glial derived astrocytes (T1 GDAs) was a source of great excitement last year and many scientists agree that these are key to central nervous system repair. ''We believe some very exciting research will continue to flow from his laboratory'', states Jenni.

    A leading product of Total Record inc - Regeneration Matrix (RMx) - promotes the regeneration and regrowth of the damaged tissue at the site of injury. ''We believe they are close to going to trial.'', Jenni says.

    Neuraxo Biopharmaceuticals, Germany, are developing a drug,...

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