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Fate Hamilton

United States


Member since August 21, 2013

Professional Author, Editor wife & Founder of Markedeo. com.

An editor and owner of blogs that focus on teaching marketing to the Spanish speaking local community to help these groups accomplish their desire having an e-commerce business that belongs to them. My own blogs specialize in Mexican historical past, culture and delicious delicacies. I'm taking pleasure in exploring deeper in to Mexico and studying the subtle differences of its' huge regions and their variation of arts and tradition.

I had been raised with many of Mexico's traditions and cultural theories. My ancestors are direct descendants from Spain who else settled in South america in the late 1500's and eventually to North South america and South Texas in the 1700's. Getting grown up within the U. S. Mexico Boundary in Texas, I was raised within a close conventional, Spanish and Mexican family the early upbringing customs were predominantly affected by the two cultures. I have three beautiful, wonderful kids who are pursuing their own ambitions in Texas and abroad. Investing in education