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Turtle Heart / Hua Jai Thao / หัวใจเต่า

Thalang, Thailand

Global Communications

Member since March 11, 2008

I was born in Belgium, and raised almost my entire life in Thailand, as I consider it my home country.

I grew up studying at international schools, and after graduating high school I studied graphic design in Italy.

Ive always had a passion for art, culture, animals, and the environment, and I believe that international communication is key in sustainably developing todays world.

I think that working hands on and in the field is the most important thing when it comes to wanting to make a difference.

I am not a fan of computers and technology, only as a means for communicating and networking, but when it comes to making a difference and design, I dont think that computers are the only answer.

Growing up in Thailand has given me a special outlook on life. Growing up as a foreigner in a foreign country, and communicating with the Thai people, while growing up around their culture as well as the international culture of attending an international school. Ive always had a keen observatory side to me, and I always analyze and take in everything around me, all that I am exposed to culturally, environmentally, and creatively; which serves as the foundation for my ideas.

My ultimate goal for this project is field work and communication with the local people concerning their needs, and their already existing projects. To help them voice their projects more creatively, globally, and effectively.

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Posted May 10, 2007
By Jacqui

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Inspired by the work of UNESCO, UNHCR, CSI (Sustainable development in coastal regions and small islands), and the World Wildlife Fund.

I was a creative volunteer and intern in the summer of 2007 for Greenpeace in Thailand.

This project aims to specifically aid in marine conservation of the andaman sea and indian ocean, and preserving the environment in Thailand. I am inspired by the Thai people. What inspires me most is their ability to always smile and be happy with what they are given, their sense of gratefullness.

More inspirations include the Thai turtle conservation projects, improving relations between Thailand and Burma, the ways of life of the Mokens/ sea gypsies; preserving their communities and culture, Thai National Park Preservation; especially in the Southern Regions of Thailand, where the Tsunami caused a lot of damage and loss for the local people and wildlife.

I dont believe in taking away what doesnt belong to you, people should pass on their teachings, pass on the awareness in a sustainable and careful manner; as the Buddhists would say, I think that this is what making a difference is all about.

Environmental Cooperation with the Heart of a Turtle

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