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Seoul, South Korea

Member since March 11, 2008

Donna was born in New Zealand and is of Croatian and central European ancestral background. Both of which have rich textile heritages [one of Donna's interests] and these are elements that Donna finds interesting to work with. Donna has 3 degrees, 2 advanced degrees in Communication Management and Management.

Of her interests: Donna first became interested in textile art in 2001 as a method of reducing a tendency to smoke cigarettes by doing something else with her hands. Her interest has grown to fill much of her current living room and even the living rooms of others. Thus far Donna has completed one 2 year raised embroidery project, multiple home decoration projects, and has several projects in the pipeline. Donna prefers reconstruction of traditional expressions as she thinks that there is much to be said for the wisdom of ages as well as the better aspects of efficiency and experience of the new.

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Posted August 08, 2008
By elisa ruffino

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