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Christina Bermudez

GlENDALE, NY, United States

Product Designer

Member since March 10, 2008

  • Autism Thesis

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Project Title: BOND, Changing the affects of Autism through visual and communal interaction

    NFP and Partners: This project was created in collaboration with Mighty Miracles ministry at Christ Tabernacle and The Rebecca School.

    Project Description: BOND is an interactive toy for children with Autism designed to increase their social interaction and awareness of others through the use of technology and light. This learning tool will sense when two or more children are in close proximity (as far as two feet away) and the LEDs embedded in the pillow will glow encouraging the children to interact with one another. It also visually indicates how clear they speck to one another through a sound activated changing graphic and turns into a multi-player game when placed flat on a surface. As a result the children will learn valuable social and awareness skills that they can then build into a bright future.

    I would like to propose applying this service to the new Christ Tabernacle community building in Queens, N.Y, where parents, teachers and therapists who are using Bond to help their children can be found. I would also like to work with technology companies in an attempt to introduce this system to the Medical Care Industry.

  • Christina,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    In reading your project synopsis above, I'm left feeling a little underwhelmed when potentially this idea could be very powerful and impactful.

    First, your problem statement is unclear. Are you solving a socialization problem among autistic kids? Or are you trying to bring about awareness of autism? I'm not sure how the light sensors on the interactive tool do either...and although the toy itself sounds super cool, it just doesn't have solid grounding or a well-thought-through reason for being...

    Try to take the technological solution away from the issue you're addressing, for starters, and then re-articulate the problem. Then, ask yourself if there's a SOCIAL solution before involving gadgetry. Finally, put it all together again, from problem through to solution.

    I'd be happy to read your iterated version and comment again. I think the issue is important, and I know you can come up with a creative solution that unites the autistic children to the larger social context that surrounds them.

    Go for it, J.

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