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Daniel Faber

Teaneck, New Jersey, United States

Designer (Furniture Design)

Member since March 10, 2008

  • Locale: Organic Furniture 101- Manufacturing on a Local Scale

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Core Problem- Our current system for manufacturing is both economically and environmentally inefficient. It involves the transport of goods from the United States to multiple manufacturing destinations. The finished products are then shipped back to the United States to be sold to the American public. This system for manufacturing yields unnecessary and unethical practices. Massive fuel waste leads to an increased carbon footprint. Also, a transfer of manufacturing jobs from local American economies to manufacturing nations. The United States has seen a 20% decline in manufacturing jobs alone since the prosperous mid 90's. When a product is manufactured on a mass scale out of a single material this process results in a dent to the worlds ecosystems that is harmful and often irreplaceable. My mission is to design a line of furniture that can be manufactured on a local scale using materials indigenous to the area in which it is produced. The manufacturing process will yield an "organic" product that when shipped out of its manufacturing zone will incorporate carbon cost offsets into it's final pricing figure.

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