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Michael S Hoefler Jr

new york, ny, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • BOUNCE: baby sign products

    Communication, Industrial Design


    BOUNCE promotes the popularity and success of Baby Sign as a means to integrate Sign Language and American Deaf Culture into the Mainstream. Through bounce, Deaf Culture ideals and language is both familiar and a must have for every parent.

    • Talk with your baby!
    • No more terrible twos!
    • Improves language skills!
    • Learn sign as early as 7 months

    BOUNCE provides products that incorporate deaf culture such as American Sign Language into toys that can be used throughout childhood. Not only does bounce provide cultural reinforcement but it is also a valuable learning tool.

    As a means to promote early development and establish a foundation for communication in children, baby sign is the most applicable. A child can learn to say he has a dirty diaper, or he wants more milk as early as 7 months. A goal of bounce is to make visual language/baby sign language more accessible by all parents, opening up the divide between two language bound worlds: Deaf Culture and Hearing Culture. As an affect, stigma associated with having Deaf children and the difficulties with learning a language, will be pacified and made less frustrating if the practice of teaching children sign language/baby sign, is widespread and popular.

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"What is now proven, was once only imagin'd."

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