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Silka Glanzman

NYC, New York, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since March 10, 2008

  • headwest

    Community, Environmental Design



    Planning for Sustainable Urban Revival

    With guidance from Buffalo ReUse and Build it Green! NYC.

    Problem: Cities in the American Rust Belt (Buffalo, NY as a case study) have lost their vitality as a result of urban flight, suburban sprawl and the changing industrial climate of the United States. This has lead to the vacancy of homes and factories, and the deterioration of surrounding rural communities.

    Solution: headwest is a system that transforms architectural waste to create new sustainable building materials. Using abundant salvaged materials (brick, lumber and glass), a family of three architectural tiles has been designed to represent the triumphs of the past and a hope for the future

    Benefits: All materials are salvaged, manufactured and sold regionally using local labor, local resources, factories and infrastructure. The overarching intent of the project is to create sustainable, site-specific, vital industry to aid in a revival of economy and spirit.

    Next Steps: headwest is a system with the potential for infinite development. Grants, government involvement as well as prototype expansion will bring the project closer to fruition.

    For more information, please visit my profile blog...

  • Silka,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    I adore this thesis project. It's super original, while also being sensitive to local economies, environments and social relationships. In this way, it's truly triple bottom line.

    You have cleverly addressed a local problem (that has widespread impact) and you've proposed a revival program that brings not only dormant materials alive, but also forgotten stories, abandoned traditions and lackluster rural economies.

    I appreciate the detail in your thinking - you're successfully covering all the bases in your problem/solution statements. I'd really love to see this project come alive as a prototype in the community you suggest. Good luck in getting the support.

    Go for it!! J.

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