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Hye Rin Yang

New York, New York, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • TIMESKIN:Bringing people together through time

    Community, Industrial Design


    Issue: There is not enough awareness of the obstacles that the visually impaired face with everyday activities.

    Design solution and benefit: Timeskin is a timepiece that allows the user to tell time through touch. It will serves as an educational opportunity for full vision person to learn about the visually impaired through presenting a new perspective that allows them to touch rather than read it. Timeskin also provides easy access for the visually impaired and helps them not feel isolated from other people because of their disability.

    Next Step Because the design has universal appeal, it can be marketed toward those who have normal vision as well, which allows the product to be manufactured in larger market and therefore be more affordable.

  • You have really brought this idea to life. Keep up the good work.

  • Hye Rin,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    Many many moons ago, a blind woman came to my elementary school to give a talk about her lack of sight. At one point, she mentioned the time of day and said she had to get going. I raised my hand and asked, "How did you know what time it was?" She replied, "I tell time with my braille wrist watch."

    I share this story with you because although your design concept is attractive and useful, and brings to light the obstacles blind people in particular encounter each and everyday, it is not a new idea.

    Your visualization of Timeskin is quite lovely, however. As is your intention. Perhaps you can do a more thorough examination of historical time pieces for the blind and then position yours as a modern version of it...and then describe in detail why it's relevant to modern times and/or offer up a modern twist on a long-standing design idea.

    You might also wish to describe how blind people acquire TIMESKIN, and/or how it gets distributed and who funds it.

    Good luck! J.

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