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Vivian Lam

New York, NY, United States

Product Designer

Member since March 10, 2008



    In response to thesis feedback, posted by Jennifer Leonard,
    in the thread Camboo


    Thank you for your valuable response and suggestions. Since the last time I updated, the relationship between CANDO and me has gone much further. The instruction manual (illustrations and pictures to guide them to produce the new designs) has been editing and communicating with the artisans who don’t read a word of English through these time. After many emails and phone calls, they are actually learning and producing the new designs right now.

    Comments from the artisans’ shows that they are very interested to learn how to weave CAMBOO’s designs, they never make something like this before. They found that it is unique even though it’s challenging, but they can learn to weave it on their own with some instructions which give them satisfaction.

    Among the four artisans who leant how to weave, two can produce it. They feel very proud of making this new design from CAMBOO. And more importantly, they are very happy to know that the design produced by them will be exhibited in New York. These are comments translated by Heang Sarim, executive director of CANDO, and two pictures took by him.

    After the presentation yesterday, Tim Keating from Rainforest Relief and Gwendy Feldman from Original Women are both very interested in my project and the on-going relationship between CANDO and me. I’m very happy and willing to work more on any weak parts of my project. I really hope CAMBOO is coming to life one day!

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