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Amelia Lnu

Astoria , New York, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • {UN}WANTED: Salvaging and Recycling of Furniture for New York City

    Community, Environmental Design


    This project was developed with advice from Harriet Taub from Materials for The Arts, New York.

    People run out of satisfaction very quickly and easily. Once they feel a certain product no longer serves its purpose or fit into their likings, it is discarded quickly and easily, before they soon buy a new one. This explains why most of the furniture that I found on the street are actually very repairable and transformable, however not enough people know how to do it, let alone are compelled to do it.

    {UN}Wanted is a model organization that collects unwanted and damaged furniture from the streets of New York to be repurposed and transformed into new pieces of furniture. It is co-founded by designers who develop the project into a creative lab that welcomes the community to volunteer, collaborate and learn.

    Our mission is: To challenge current perceptions of products and aesthetics through unique assemblages of salvaged furniture and to offer a creative solution to furniture waste, while inspiring a productive attitude in young urban dwellers.

    {UN}Wanted offers a new kind of industrial process for a more sustainable future, while involving the community to leave their passive and consumptive attitude behind. By demonstrating design as more than just products and designers as facilitators, this strategy can be applied with many other ‘waste or material’ and in different urban context.

  • Amelia,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    I'm a big fan of your idea! You've written a very clear and actionable mission statement, and you've identified a societal behavioral "throw away" pattern that is chronic. I share your angst about used furniture cluttering alleyways, heading to the landfill. It's way too easy to discard and replace items, and there's not enough behavioral proof in place at the moment indicating a true understanding of the full cycle of products' lives in our lives.

    Your proposed solution is systemic in nature, which is the kind of thinking that brings about significant (positive) change in our world. For example, you've thought about a coalition of designers "as facilitators" who get involved in addition to promoting civic engagement and creative product re-use.

    Bravo! Good luck in getting this going, J.

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