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Amelia Lnu

Astoria , New York, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • {UN}WANTED salvaging & recycling of furniture for NYC

    Community, Environmental Design


    My thesis is to found a model organization, {UN}WANTED that collects damaged and unwanted furniture from the streets of New York ( and individuals donations) to be repaired, repurposed and transformed into desirable furniture pieces. It will be co-founded by designers who will ignite the project and develop it into a creative lab that welcomes the community to volunteer, collaborate and learn.

    MISSION STATEMENT: To challenge current perception of products & beauty through a unique assemblage of salvaged furniture, while inspiring productive attitude and creative solution to furniture waste problems in New York city

    DESIGN PHLOSOPHY People run out of satisfaction very quickly and easily. Once they feel a certain product no longer serves its purpose or fit into their likings, it is discarded so quickly and easily, before they soon buy a new one. This explains why most furniture I found are actually repairable and transformable. To salvage a piece of furniture on the streets is only the first step, to repair and return these furniture to its original condition is one possible solution, but still would not make these (previously discarded) furniture any more desirable and worthy of keeping before it fails to satisfy us once again.

    “I began to wonder what would happen when the universe stopped expanding and began to contract. Would we see broken cups gather themselves together off the floor and jump back to the table?”

    I ponder this quote by Stephen Hawking to every piece of salvaged furniture to investigate the reasons why they were discarded and what kind of new life they should adopt if they could ‘jump back’ from the floor or ‘reincarnated’: Should it be shorter, higher, should it have more storage, should it have wheels, or should it serve a different function?

    DESIGN CRITERIA 1 New design is derived from a critique of the previous life, so that the reincarnated may have a new hope to be loved and appreciated more than ever.

    2 The assemblage between the original and the repair element should be a purposeful action to increase its functionality, while offering a refreshing aesthetic.

    3 Imperfection (ie.scratches, dents, etc) is an honest form of testimony that we should not hide…as “after all its there because of us”.

    4 Every object is an investment of sweat and emotion that can only be produced by a productive human being with sensibility (using handheld tools and CNC)

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