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Jee Hye Yang

New York, NY, United States


Member since March 10, 2008

  • Musical Pebbles_please check this one(not below one)

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Musical Pebbles- Musical toy that encourages children’s body movement through sound.

    Musical Pebbles- Musical toy that encourages children’s body movement through sound.

    These days, development of technology allows children access to many kinds of gadgets such as TV or game consoles. Children tend to overconsume those screen media. Lack of physical activity caused by over consuming media may, arguably, lead to negative side effects for kids either physically or mentally. Thus, introducing new play that promotes body movement will be desirable for children who are exposed to too much media in order to encourage healthy behavior.

    The mission of Musical-Pebbles is to encourage children play more actively apart from screen media.

    My approach is to encourage children’s body movement through music. Combining art and physical activity can become an effective tool for children since art provides opportunities to create, perform and communicate.

    The rubber pads(Musical Pebbles) make 12 different sounds from Do to Ti including sharp and at notes. As they move their body, they’ll learn those musical notes and they might change the position of the pads to create sounds they like to play more easily.

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