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Tao Lin

New York, New York, United States

Member since March 10, 2008

  • SHARESTATION: share work space --> generate interaction --> improve communication

    Communication, Industrial Design


    ISSUE: There is a high rate of suicide among Asian American teens. Family pressure and conflict is one of the main causes among this group.

    NFP ADVISOR: Kim To from Coalition for Asian American Children and Family. The CACF greatly supported my development by providing valuable and efficient data, along with honest feedbacks from each review.

    DESIGN SOLUTION: ShareStation is a workstation desk that generates intergenerational interaction for better communication and understanding between parents and children. The form of the table puts parent and child together in a shared working space and minimizes the physical gap between the two. Storage components in between the two users are also meant to be shared, featuring transparency from both side and could be rotated 360 degree.

    INTENDED BENEFITS: This desk creates a sharing space for the Asian family to improve their relationship through interaction. A strong family bond will help Asian American teens to work through their frustrations.

    NEXT STEP: After I finish up my final piece (prototype), my next step would be to find a business partnership, which the person/people would financially support me to realize my design and to sell the product to possible retailers.

  • Tao,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    I like how you're thinking about a social issue, and how dialogue among Asian teens and parents might help things overall. But I have to wonder if a piece of furniture is really the right solution? If a teen is already feeling intense pressure, how would working across from his or her parent lessen that pressure? I fear that it might intensify it.

    Perhaps a social solution to a social problem is the first step to solving this design challenge? I wonder if step one might be setting up facilitated dialogue sessions between Asian teens and parents at schools or community centers, so that the pressure is alleviated a little bit before they sit down to work together? In addition to dialogue, perhaps shared activities, like outdoor sports or conflict resolution workshops could help.

    Also, would each family have to buy this Share Station? Or would some cultural organization be subsidizing the purchase?

    I think there are seeds of great thinking in this product design concept but I also think you need to look at the underlying roots of the problem and address these before introducing a piece of furniture.

    Good luck! J.

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