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Brooklyn, NY, United States

Faculty at Parsons The New School for Design

Member since March 10, 2008

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    In response to Mid-Review Summery, posted by Lawrence,
    in the thread Mid-Review Summery

    The board presentation looked very nice - I liked how you layered the sketches and photos, it gave the board a lot of visual depth.

    Your argument is where I think your project is having some issues, and perhaps this is where the questions about your solution are hinged. Your presentation is about why trees are important -- but this is not really the essence of your project. You should be discussing how your design addresses the issue of deforestation/waste. How do your modules create less waste? How do they respond formally to the material in the waste stream?

    I am concerned about the implications of this product at full scale. How much glue is required to actually make this? I think you need to prove through some full scale partial models that this idea does work -- I think you will find that some useful changes can be made.

  • In response to Review, posted by Serdar Gizer,
    in the thread Review

    I look forward to seeing how you have incorporated the feedback of critics.

    I thought your presentation was looking good. The boards were greatly improved (the diagram was clear and eliminated all of the superfluous information that had once been there).

    Great testing notes -- now show us how you incorporated the feedback from testing into the design.

    Your technical drawings can be used to communicate your design thinking -- use them to call out where you have made critical decisions and why you have determined certain formal attributes (why this shape/measurement/material, etc). We don't want to take your word for it, we want to see what has been carefully considered vs. what is arbitrary.

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    In response to Assignments 03/09, posted by Grace Tsai,
    in the thread Assignments 03/09

    Beautiful, clear visual presentation. Since information design is such a make-or-break skill for this project, your presentation became a great communication of your capabilities to take on this task - this strengthens your argument for this particular design action, in my mind.

    I look forward to seeing the results of your testing - how has the testing impacted your progress?

    How have you responded to the feedback summarized here in your work? What have you chosen to weave into your process and why?

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    Arts & Culture

    In response to Mid-Review Summary, posted by Leah Waldman,
    in the thread Mid-Review Summary

    Great summary. I look forward to seeing how you have responded to these points.

    Leverage your collaboration as part of your presentation – diagram your role and how your efforts relate to/stem from/further the objectives of your collaborators. Define and communicate your input into the process.

    The products are looking good. The organization of the presentation on the board should read more like your design thinking (bone→ product rather than product → bone as it is now).

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    In response to Mid - Review Summary, posted by Michael Tsang,
    in the thread Mid - Review Summary

    Michael, Thank you for the summary. Look forward to seeing where this has gone.

    Your graphic presentation is looking nice – the boards are well organized and readable. The prototype presentation at the midterm review was not as slick as the style of your furniture will require. Lose the clay figure – it distracts from and covers the detail of the model. A paper or acrylic figure cut-out next to the chair will provide scale without distracting from the design.

    Your argument: I question whether you should be responding to what you have found Chinese consumers prefer – I think the essence of your argument stems from their (perhaps latent) desire to connect to the past. The great potential of this project is not coming up with a seemingly marketable chair, but rather proposing a design action that is a relevant and intellectual response to Chinese design and cultural identity.

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    In response to Mid Review Summary, posted by Jesse Resnick,
    in the thread Mid Review Summary

    Great summary. I look forward to seeing how your testing has progressed and how your project has responded to the actual testing. It was hard at the review to assess the project with a plan to test - it is essential to your success to get that feedback and fold it into your process. You cannot wait until the prototype is "ready" -- you will be too invested in the result of your prototyping and it will be hard to accept the changes that will have to happen. Go ahead an test the attributes of your product that are based on assumptions that need to be proven (eg that certain behaviors will be the result of wearing a form on the wrist, or touching a certain material - or that the wrist is the right place for this product!).

    The boards were looking good at midreview.

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    Arts & Culture

    Your presentation is looking good - the boards are clear and the prototypes are helpful in discussing your work.

    Your challenge in the project is to establish and articulate an argument that communicates why you have made the design decisions you have. Is this project a critical commentary on noise and cell phone use? Would seeing someone use this product communicate to others that they should be more silent or consider the impact of their own conversations? Or is the product simply a personal, functional device? How does the form of the object respond to and communicate its purpose?

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    In response to Mid-Semester Review, posted by Brian Lin,
    in the thread Mid-Semester Review

    Brian, Great summary. I look forward to hearing where this has gone over break. I didn't see evidence of testing on your boards at the review - how is the testing going and have you been able to set up learning opportunities for yourself with parallel user groups?

    I think you might consider the context of how and why this product is introduced. If the distribution of this product to the population it serves seems like a long shot, consider making it part of an awareness event - where you distribute them onsite to users and photograph them in use to illustrate the danger - make the product really communicate the need for protection from these elements. Then you (or an NFP) could use the imagery as a campaign to protect people against the hazards of ewaste.

    There is something unresolved about your product in that it is not yet defined as a practical product with a clear strategy for implementation nor is it defined as a critical commentary. There are ways to have it walk the line, but the implementation either way must be planned. We should talk about this this week!

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    In response to Critique Summary, posted by Emily Kim,
    in the thread Critique Summary

    Great summary. Looking forward to seeing how this has gone forward.

    Your presentation was quite nice. As we discussed, I would revise your diagrams and treat them almost like you do your words about the project. (The outcome of your sentence, for instance, shoud be the outcome of the flow diagram). I like the way the simple diagram is popping off the page.

    Your argument is pretty solid at this point - work on making the product itself embody the experience you want the user to have. That is, think about how the design decisions of material, form, interaction can be a direct manifestation of how you want the user to feel. (Temperature, for instance, would give instant feedback to the user and would return to "normal" over time -- the poetics of this has a lot of potential. Where else are there metaphors for the use of your object?)

  • Further Feedback


    I agree that you need to refine the argument for this product. Articulate the motivation that the users (caregiver and patient) have to participate. How can this product begin to communicate its benefits to the users? Imagine how this product is introduced to the end user... how are they convinced this is going to be of use to them?

    Your boards were much improved at the mid review. Good work.

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