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Brooklyn, NY, United States

Faculty at Parsons The New School for Design

Member since March 10, 2008

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    In response to Mid-Review Summery, posted by Lawrence,
    in the thread Mid-Review Summery

    The board presentation looked very nice - I liked how you layered the sketches and photos, it gave the board a lot of visual depth.

    Your argument is where I think your project is having some issues, and perhaps this is where the questions about your solution are hinged. Your presentation is about why trees are important -- but this is not really the essence of your project. You should be discussing how your design addresses the issue of deforestation/waste. How do your modules create less waste? How do they respond formally to the material in the waste stream?

    I am concerned about the implications of this product at full scale. How much glue is required to actually make this? I think you need to prove through some full scale partial models that this idea does work -- I think you will find that some useful changes can be made.

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