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legoland, Fiji

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  • In response to education review, posted by Deepti Maithil Nagpal,
    in the thread education review

    Yes, it is a big risk. Not to mention the big amount of people who study communication, or who work in the communication industry and who do not have anything to communicate. Some media are so fascinating that they make people forget what they have to say, if they have something to say. The result is a medium that speaks of itself, and I think this could be called information pollution.Teachers have a big responsibility and a big occasion to catch.

  • Intersections


    I agree with you. Society is more complex than industry. Social issues are complex, and this requires a special effort from design. In my opinion, the effort is understanding that complex facts need complex design. If we look at the intersections among different fields (such as even art and science), probably we will find new solutions. Otherwise the risk is repetition, and lack of innovation.

  • Observe people


    Maybe I would say "observe people", and wonder why they behave the way they behave. Social design to me is a way to reach and hopefully influence our society's behaviour (in a positive way). We cannot do it if we don't deeply understand the people's needs and mistakes.

  • Ciao Christian!

    You question is very interesting. Visual language doesn't need to be translated. This made me think of another internationally understood language, which is music. If we consider pop music, it could be seen as a "common, global taste" ruled by the market. It is a "style that sells". But the more time passes by, and the more "pop" acquires different meanings, and takes inspiration from other styles which were not popular. So, individual and national "styles" earn their voice. It is less and less "western", and more and more contaminated and various.

    There is something that I wonder: has music been explored more that graphic design? Is it simply more developed? Graphic design could be a "pop version" of visual arts, such as painting. Graphic design is used in advertising, and generally to sell, so it has a much more western connotation. Visual arts are the mirror of people and countries, they are more free.

    I wonder if graphic design, just like music, will get more and more rich and diversified in the future, getting closer to pure art.

    Ciao ciao,


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