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Paul Thurston

London, United Kingdom

Head of Design at Thinkpublic

Member since March 07, 2008

  • Public service design on the high street

    Communication, Communication Design


    How can we use high street service experiences to help design better public services? At thinkpublic we regularly use other examples from outside the public sector to explain elements that make up a service. It’s often useful to use examples of well-known services and break them down into simple touchpoints. Shops are particularly useful for activities like this and for asking questions like “what is your service like…?” or “if your service was a shop what type would it be…?” can stimulate new and interesting thinking about existing services.

    Yesterday, I ran a number of workshops with NHS trusts, who are currently engaged in Experience Based Design projects. To help explain some of the issues around mapping experiences I used the high-street store Argos as an example. Visiting our local Old Street branch for our own journey mapping exercise.

    This was particularly useful with healthcare professionals and created a great deal of debate about customer/patient interaction with services.

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  • Communication Design
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