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Paul Thurston

London, United Kingdom

Head of Design at Thinkpublic

Member since March 07, 2008

  • “Get well soon” in Amsterdam: Service Design Conference 2008



    Paul Thurston and Ivo Gormley from thinkpublic are running a session at the Service Design Conference in Amsterdam this November. The workshop will be run in partnership with the Kuopio Academy of Design, Finland and aims to provide participants with an “Understanding of the complex issues to be considered when designing for the health service. Getting participants designing innovative solutions to meet individual’s needs outside existing health services and encouraging the design of imaginative new solutions to key social challenges”

    The interactive “Get well soon” workshop is one of 9 taking place on the 26th November covering service design approaches to a wide range of issues including; health, social innovation, transport and finance.

    If you are attending and would like to meet with either Paul or Ivo at the event please email:

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