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Paul Thurston

London, United Kingdom

Head of Design at Thinkpublic

Member since March 07, 2008

  • Alzheimer100: co-designing dementia services



    As there are no posts here yet I thought I'd kick things off by introducing a project I worked on last year at thinkpublic called alzheimer100.

    What is alzheimer 100?

    Alzheimer100 is a project which aimed to come up with creative solutions to the challenges presented by dementia.

    Alzheimer100 was a part of Designs of the time, a year long project based in the North East exploring how design can make a positive difference to our daily lives.

    People with dementia, their carers, service providers and experts in the field led this project. These groups worked together to tell their stories and design new services and products.

    You can find out more about Alzheimer100 here:

  • Excellent blog post

    I feel that optimal design in built environments is critical to the quality-of-life of patients with dementia. I think a lot can be done to tie up art and design principles, to maximizing the orientation of patients, which has been shown to be a determinant of quality-of-life of patients with dementia.

    I have written on this recently, and I would be most grateful for any feedback:

    I find that architects, designers and artists are adamant in not letting their creativity become stifled by people like me who are neuroscientists in dementia!

    Dr Shibley Rahman

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