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Jaime Stein

New York, NY, United States

Coordinator of Green Week

Member since February 29, 2008

  • Bny_177_

    Sustainable Development Studio students; Miyuki Fujibayashi, William Mackay, Kevin Reilly, Jaime Stein, Preston Worsham and Alex Zamudio propose a comprehensive sustainability plan for the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    • Focusing on the Navy Yard's reliance on automobiles for transportation of employees and products. The group proposes a combination of Bus Rapid Transit Lines and Bicycle sharing to bring the Navy Yard from Isolation to Circulation

    Pratt Institute Alumnus Annie Clark suggests ways to mitigate storm water run off and implement storm water management practices on Pratt's Campus

  • Toysource_132_

    Graduate Interior Design Students were challenged to design a space for ToySource, a sustainable toy store for all ages in Brooklyn.

  • Panko_177_

    Robert Panko designs with sustainable materials and living wall components in his

  • Sheehan_177_

    Undergraduate Architecture student Brendan Sheehan designed a poster for the exhibit, entitled Sustainability as Context

  • Slian_177_

    Graduate Architecture student Sian Yew Lian entered with a

    Generative Wind Component. A stunning structure meant to harness wind energy.

  • Crisis_177_

    The Undergraduate School of Architecture entry is Crisis Fronts a collaborative work by: Katie Adee, James Balduf, Asta Fivgas, Natasha Harper, Randall Hornung, Irene Huang, Jung Hyuck, Dimitris Kaprinis, Yohan Kim and Paul Stein.

    Crisis Fronts examines the contribution of architecture to global climate change....."Projected further into the future, architecture and weather may longer be simply distinguishable from one another and architecture must be equipped to perform as its own environmental system, reinforcing rather than denying its capacity to enter into a dynamic exchange of energies with the climate. Such a meteorological approach has the potential to redefine the material, organizational, programmatic and performative dimensions of architecture."

  • Nking_177_

    The Graduate School's Comprehensive Architectural Project Studio & Integrated Building Systems class submitted their Community Natatorium.

    This program represented a range of challenges, including design for both humid and dry climates, responding to the needs of interior and exterior wet environments, and designing structures to accommodate both large and small spans. The Studio emphasized the use of local topographies, environments, social and economic histories, means and methods as a source for constructing the project design. The students were given flexibility to adjust the ratio of outdoor and indoor space in response to local climatic conditions.

    The studio was divided into 4 climatic regions; Designing for Colorado Springs, Colorado were graduate students; Lars Berg, Jennifer Hardy and Daniel Ramirez

    Seattle, Washington Sheila Charm, Chie Fuyuki, Alex Soss-Djekic

    Sydney, Australia Francis Bitonti, Severn Clay, Brian Osborn

    Santa Monica, California Liam Ahern, Raphael Alba, Benjamin Keiser

  • Eco_color_132_

    Evan Dublin of Undergraduate Industrial Design submitted a set of 3 environmentally minded products:

  • To prepare for C40 Solutions a Global Sustainable Design Exhibition, Sustainable Pratt in collaboration with the Academic Director of Sustainability and Design 21 issued a call for entries to all Pratt Institute departments.

    We received entries from Interior Design, Industrial Design, Digital Arts, Architecture, Urban Design and City Planning. These diverse entries can be viewed in detail in this blog and at the Sustainable Pratt website.

    Entries will be juried by Debera Johnson: Center for Sustainable Design Studies, Jacqui Khiu: Design 21, Donna Moran: School of Art and Design, and Green Week Keynote Speaker Paul Polak.

    Winning Entries will be announced and displayed Thursday, March 27th at 5:30 PM in the Higgin's Hall Pitt prior to the commencement of Paul Polak's presentation.

  • C40_132_

    Last Summer, New York invited leaders from 40 of the largest cities in the world to participate in a climate change summit. These 40 cities in collaboration with the Clinton Climate Initiative formed the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. A group committed to tackling Climate Change.

    This Spring (beginning March 24th), Pratt will begin assembling an International Green Design Exhibit with works from Art & Design schools of the C40 Cities. Pratt Institute will be the representative for New York City and to chose the project to represent Pratt a C40 Call For Entries competition will be held during Green Week This event will be part of the ongoing effort at Pratt to educate future designers in sustainable best practices. If you would like to help in this effort or have submissions for consideration, please contact us at

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
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