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Marc Masmiquel

Palma, Islas Baleares / Balearic Islands, Spain

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • active metaphors for ethical design


    In response to Dawn Hancock Answers Your Questions,
    in the thread

    The idea / / A few days ago I returned from a research in the Amazon, where I lived with indigenous AwajĂșn, ethnic peasant. There I met a project on recovery and systematization of native ancestral knowledge. Their main enemies are the economic interests of many corporations that exploit oil and gold on the border between Peru and Ecuador, 80% of Western companies. The Indians expressed their disagreement and proposals (the so-called "second strike Amazon") and were repressed on June 5 in Bagua (Peru). Three months after the massacre, continue their humble project ... a proposed ancestral memory technology. For this reason I think the design applied must be a policy implemented under ethical concepts of common good and respect for cultural diversity. After 15 years developing projects in development aid, a group of people have thought and felt the need to organize networks of applied knowledge, we eventually see that matters most will, tactics and strategy that means. We develop, design, architecture, biology, social analysis ... exponential network of people willing to offer his analysis. We believe that just as Wikipedia has evolved through interaction "Exponential" will too.

    Question / / This evidence of the exponential power, do not you think that should be implemented immediately? Would you be willing to add your knowledge to the ideas of this kind of project?

    Consider yourself invited. A heartfelt embrace,

    Marc Masmiquel marc.masmiquel @

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