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Veta Salubi

Lagos, Nigeria

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since February 19, 2008


    Education, Communication Design


    Today 19th September 2014, the 3rd Lagos Comic Con started. This year, we have 2 days to showcase cthe comic industry in Nigeria. In as much as i seriously applaud the efforts of the Comic Panel Team to bring us wanna be comic book publishers to the fore, we still have a problem coordinating the publicity for the event. We need to focus on the children!!! In a time of multimedia exposure frenzy, it is increasingly difficult to get children, or adults for that matter, to read anything offline. Now even with the available technology, to capture the attention of an ADHD generation is an art. This is an art that intrigues me and which i am learnng to craft. I have made a couple of false starts but i think i am approaching a kind of cruise speed now. We are getting serious now and this is how we redeem the time and effort of yesteryears. I have one serious comic under my belt- Saving Grace: A graphic story of breast cancer survival, and i have been giving the books away, yet i cant seem to get people to read the book. How serious then can serious be without being a putoff eh? i wonder and ponder and work towards making serious comics fun. i look forward to having something really good out soon so fingers and toes crossed : )

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