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Kokholm Balle


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As we all know, a coffee shop is a trendy place to unwind and relax. For this reason, it is important that you are able to design your place stylishly and in such a way that will enable customers to do just that.

a link From the color and theme to accents like fleur de list artwork, this coffee shop decoration guide will give you lots of practical tips you need to make your place stylish, chic and comfortable all at the same time.

Design Tip 1

Decide on the color and theme. First, you decide on the theme of the shop. It can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, urban, or whatever you can think of. Next, you choose the color of the whole place including the walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture. Color must blend with the theme of the coffee shop. For example, if your theme is rustic, then earthy colors is the ideal option.

Moreover, choose a color that will provide a relaxing ambiance. This means that bright and neon colors are out of the question. Choosing neutral and light shades especially brown, green, and gray tones is usually the way to go for the walls, floor, and ceiling.

As with the furniture, you can add in furniture of warm or cool tones just as long as they blend well with the overall color of the place. It is not a good idea to paint your shop blue because blue is known to be the least appetizing color and you surely do not want your customers to lose an appetite when dining in your place.

Design Tip 2

Consider the flow of traffic. Furniture and coffee shop equipment should be arranged in such a way that will allow people to move and walk freely around. This is not only for the customers' sake but also for your staff. It would be easier to give efficient service if there is ample space to move around.

Design Tip 3

Be smart in choosing furniture. As mentioned earlier, furniture should complement the theme and color of the coffee shop. If your place has a modern urban theme, you should go for metal furniture with black and red shades. Now if your shop has a traditional or rustic look, wooden tables and chairs will be a better complement for it.

Design Tip 4

Add pieces of visual interest such as lamps, mirrors, paintings, and sculptures in your coffee shop. This is not only to make the place more interesting but also to give personality to your coffee shop. Of course, you have to consider again, the theme and color of the place before adding in any accent. For example, fleur de lis artwork will be a great addition to a shop that exudes a European royalty style whereas modern wall decor is ideal for a contemporary design.

Design Tip 5

Provide proper lighting. Lighting is also a crucial element of design. Your coffee shop should provide ambient lighting that will enable people to relax and unwind. Lights that are too bright or harsh will not do any good just like too dim lighting.

Apart from the coffee and pastries you serve, and the service with smile given by your crew, another important element of a coffee shop that will contribute to its success is its overall design and ambiance.