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Daniel Lehmann

Edenvale, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Designer (Product Design)

Member since February 13, 2008

  • Turning Over a New Leaf


    Following decades of reckless industrialization at the cost of our planet as well as ignorance of the results thereof, to define "green design" must consist of two facets; design repentance and design pioneering. As a society of people who for so long held such a short-sighted approach toward design, our first task as "green designers" is to repent, that is to turn completely, from this mindset. Tomorrow's designers must veer off the beaten track trodden by those who went before them, and must pick a new path through the little undergrowth our planet has left. To turn from the recklessness of our past is not only to do right from this point onward, but also to right the wrongs of our past. In a dying world, all its inhabitants regardless of occupation or social standing must become conservationists in thought and in deed. This by all means includes the designer; he who is responsible for deciding whether production of the world's next biggest thing will harm or protect our only home. As design pioneers, "green designers" have the incredible opportunity to find as yet undiscovered solutions to a global crisis, which will be able to reverse the damage done and heal an ailing planet for those who are to come. "Green design" will set a precedent of environmentally beneficial approaches to the satisfaction of our consumption. WIth "green designers" at the helm, this world still has a chance to be steered into a bright and healthy future.

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design