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Alicia Valair

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Designer (Interior Design)

Member since February 11, 2008

  • Absolutely....but, a Future for Whom?


    In response to Our Sci-Fi Future, posted by Kate Andrews,
    in the thread Plan B: Noah’s ark of seeds

    Hello Kate, Here's a link to the Arctic Seed Vault and there seems to be a connection:

    Wow! I have read a bit about the MASDAR Initiative, and after visiting the link, it's obvious the average American does not comprehend what is truly happening. Too busy with work schedules and ignoring the global impact of modern science and technology. IPODS and HDTV...that's what Americans are talking about! While man's most incredulous and fantastical scientific creations go unnoticed.

    TBN aired a movie about a month ago during its cult week. Filmed in the 40's, it dramatically told of the re-birth of a once violent and war-torn society. The sophistication of the story and its premise of a future world government was outstanding. The progression to space travel at the peril of losing their affinity for Earth was also a theme. No longer did they need the earth, the land and its creatures for food and survival. It was one of the best movies I've ever seen! The backdrops, spacecraft, architecture and interiors were so very similar to our tomorrow...minimal, clean and hi-tech, and lots of flat screen tv phones and voice control.

    Lastly...did you happen to see the 60 minutes program about the new weapon, a neurological heat /stun gun? This RAY GUN...yes, a ray gun! sends the power of heat towards the enemy, and its so hot one must run away from it or risk burning the top layer of skin. I truly believe the entire interview was a set up. Using reverse psychology on the American people is not unusual. We're often distracted and gullible. The military refused to use it in Iraq, probably due to fear of accusations about testing it on foreigners. I'm sure they really wanted to! But they claim it will not be funded, even if it does save lives. Why, I wondered and the answer was never clear. The "60 minutes" segment was the perfect opportunity to market the weapon to the American people. And did they set it up so perfectly! It was brilliant!

    So, now after the many demonstrations of the weapon on television's favorite Sunday news program, Americans will say: if its a safer alternative, use it! It can save lives and that's all we need to know. I am predicting this new weapon will be fully funded by 2009. And that it will be used right smack here in American, against Americans in 2010.



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