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Alicia Valair

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Designer (Interior Design)

Member since February 11, 2008

  • BIDS Seeks Corporate Sponsors in the Furnishings or Related Industries for ASID Interiors '08 in New Orleans

    Community, Environmental Design


    Black Interior Designer Showcase (BIDS) website officially launched September 10, 2007. Its goal is to become a "visible" platform to expose and introduce, to disadvantaged youth, the fields of interior design and architecture. BIDS was also proud to be designated a field agent and team member of Bill Cosby's grass-root initiative and distribute the book, "Come On People"

    We aspire to gain national visibility as we broaden our efforts to establish BIDS as a viable network of professionals who seek increased minority inclusion into the fields of architecture and interior design. The response to our efforts have been tremendous and we're thrilled to co-partner educational forums at this year's American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Interiors '08 Conference to be held this March in New Orleans.

    BIDS designers were interviewed for an upcoming Essence Magazine article which has a circulation of 8 million readers. BIDS is positioned to become the premier resource for consumers when searching for a black interior designer, architect, builder and contractor.

    We are also very proud to participate as a partner with ASID, the largest membership of interior designers in the world and by asking for our participation, they are proactively supporting our goals. We will feature as special guests: Jack Travis, FAIA, NOMAC and James Washington, AIA, NOMA, of Hewitt-Washington & Associates. Hewitt-Washington & Associates are designated the Overall Planning Consultants for the New Orleans Neighborhoods Rebuilding Plan. Both architects are actively involved in this unprecedented challenge of rebuilding a live-able city.

    Here are SHOCKING facts many are unaware: --There are less than 2,000 black licensed architects out of 120,000 in the U.S. --There are less than 1,700 black interior designers in 40,000+ (ASID) listed.

    Our Concern: Children must SEE real life examples to know these careers are available to them. Interior design and architecture are two of the fastest growing creative fields in the U.S. and there's an obvious void of African-American and Hispanic designers and architects.

    We are currently actively seeking corporate sponsors for the ASID Conference and the BIDS website. Please contact us for more information:

    Email us at or call: 702-408-5099

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Diversity in design leads to equity, understanding and cooperation.

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