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Siona Ward

Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom

Industrial Designer

Member since February 11, 2008

  • Question


    Having read your book and your design blog, you've seen a lot of change over the last few years, both good and bad, but what's your favourite innovation regarding sustainability in the developed world? I'm also interested to see what new changes you know of that are happening in local communities to reduce waste and encourage recycling and reuse, and also to increase social interaction in neighbourhoods.

  • John Thackara


    After reading part of his book, 'In the Bubble' on Google Scholar, I immediately bought it and have read it many times since. he talks about connecting communities, designing a way towards a truly sustainable future, designing for people and society, and relying on people - not stuff. He has been involved in many social projects and he's been a real inspiration to me.

    My question would be: How does industrial design fit comfortably in a world that needs less stuff? We can reduce the impact that stuff makes, and we can raise awareness of the impact we make, even try to design our way back to a sustained Earth, but at the end of the day, it's the boss who decides that what the world needs is another range of useless food packaging, or another novelty roof decoration for Christmas.

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