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Christopher Hethrington

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Assistant Professor

Member since February 01, 2008

  • Preface to a Thesis

    Communication, Communication Design

    [section 01] - 1st draft

    On Christmas day in 1987, a grenade exploded in the small coffee farming town of Matagalpa in the Central American country of Nicaragua. Though now a distant event, both in time and space, back then the shock waves of that explosion reverberated all the way back to Canada and and its debris found a place on the front pages of every national newspaper. For most in Canada the news was of a Canadian social worker violently killed in what appeared to be one strange accident with many unanswered questions. Back in Matagalpa, a sterile room held Jenny's body and with her, my inconsolable grief. As I looked out the window on the waking town, behind me the sun was beginning to break through the trees. Morning light had begun to fill the streets and with it came a new day, the end of a vigil, and the end of an unfulfilled life. Slowly, sunlight began to mingle with a mist that seemed to rise in the distance, and soon a brilliant rainbow enveloped the entire valley.

    How could it be that a scene so sublimely beautiful could be laid out before me while behind me lay the desolation of the deepest love I had ever felt? How could I turn my back on that pain to look upon a serenity that seemed to speak of a world of wonder and a future of promise? That morning I chose to find solace in the sunrise, if only with the hope that it might temper the cold of my grief and keep back a slowly creeping depression. In the end nothing could keep away the anguish that would l...

I'd let my work speak for itself but I've been quite quiet lately. Shhhhh.

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