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Charles Wilkes

San Jose, CA, United States


Member since January 12, 2008

  • Kindle

    Arts & Culture

    In response to Kidd's take on Kindle, posted by Tessy Britton,
    in the thread Kidd's take on Kindle

    Another comment from someone who has never owned or used a Kindle. There are many who somehow don't think it is inappropriate to do this.

    I love my Kindle, and consider it the most valuable thing I have bought since my first IBM PC many years ago.

    I read all blog comments on the Kindle curtesy of Google Alerts, and all writers who really have owned and use a Kindle agree with me. But there are many others who, knowing nothing about the Kindle, still think it is their duty to post negative comments on it. But a few have reposted after using a Kindle, and written to apologize for their error, and joining the ranks of those who love this little device.

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