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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since January 04, 2008

Hello, how are you? As if you would really answer that with a reply other than "good." Seriously, though, hello. My name is Pat. I like culture. Culture drives my design (with the help of a good wood pencil [or pen] and some relationships). I also like speaking to everyone, not just a select group consumers; even individuals outside of the U.S. borders (wait a second, there is a world outside of the U.S.?). I wish I was fluent in all 6,800 languages β€” "that'd be cool." Oh, wait, I am (and you are too) since everyone understands the visual language, sweet! Listen, seriously, I want to help you and/or whoever you're associated with (to be honest I need the money). I'm open to whatever your design needs are, but will get super excited if they have juicy concepts. I love concepts like I love (old school cheddar) chex mix. Lets talk either way –OR– shoot pool sometime.

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design