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David Hernandez-Palmar

Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Designer (Photography)

Member since December 22, 2007

  • Hegemonic Post-Colonial Discourse (Contemporary Colonization)

    What is terrorism? What does it mean to act in the name of peace, or to find arms in places where they don't exist? Are they copying hegemonic discourse? All of these questions are valid and apply to violations that many people of the world suffer, above all indigenous people.

    In my opinion, when culture is managed irresponsibly, and we see others judged in an irresponsible way, with no evidence, with comments that are racist and which are placed in a context as if they were made by wise elders, claiming things such as "I decide if you are worthy of your culture or not", "you are violent and vengeful", these people are hypocrites, because they say they are working for our people and are offering "recognition to those men and women who iron our clothes, watch over us, wash our cars, and make our handicrafts".

    They do not see that this is not the way, not the right path.

    We as indigenous are not only those things. We are the ones who, through our ancestors, have kept society together to the present, we are the ones who have diverse ways of expressing ourselves as daily witnesses to the idea that it is possible to live in peace with others and with mother earth, we champion the responsible use of culture, which does away with preconceptions and ideas promoted by ignorance and lack of understanding by others. We are the ones as a people who have given up so much at such a high and unfo...

  • El Discurso Hegemónico Post-Colonial (Colonización Contemporánea) Por: David Hernández-Palmar. Indígena Wayuu Clan IIPUANA

    ¿Que significa terrorismo? ¿Qué significa actuar en nombre de la paz, o en encontrar armas en lugares donde no existen? ¿Es esta la copia de un discurso hegemónico?. Todas están preguntas caben y aplican a muchas de las violaciones que sufren muchos otros pueblos del mundo, sobre todo el pueblo indígena.

    En mi opinión cuando se maneja irresponsablemente la cultura, y vemos juzgar a los demás de manera IRRESPONSABLE Y SIN FUNDAMENTOS con comentarios de índoles racistas, y se colocan y emulan la investidura de ancianos, y dicen entonces "tu si eres digno de tu cultura, o no eres digno de tu cultura" "eres violento y vengativo" entonces esas personas pasan a ser hipócritas, porque dicen que están trabajando por nuestra gente y que están propiciando "un reconocimiento de aquellos y aquellas quienes nos planchan la ropa, quienes nos cuidan, quienes nos lavan los carros, quienes nos hacen las artesanías"…Esas personas no ven que esa no es la senda, ese no es el camino.

    Los indígenas no solo somos eso. Los indígenas somos quienes a través de nuestros ancestros hemos cimentando las sociedades de hoy día, somos aquellos que a través de nuestras diversas maneras de expresarnos, hacemos testimonio todos los días, que es posible vivir en paz con nuestros semejantes y con nuestra madre tierra, somos aquellos quiene...

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design