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Sharmarke Noor

Toronto , Canada

graphic design and packaging

Member since December 20, 2007

  • Apple iLife 09 Packaging Design

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Mac|Life Magazine is running an interesting piece on packaging design ideas for Apple iLife 09. Three designers not connected with Apple were asked to present ideas for the packaging design. The three different designs represent an fascinating view of the wide range of approaches/functionality packaging can provide a product. Apple is known for its modern minimal packaging design so it will be interesting to see their design for this product.

    ROBIN DICK: Mac|Life Art Director We’re going to call this one the “luxe model.” Robin’s case-within-a-case design doesn’t skimp on material, but nonetheless aims for a certain functionality in service of aesthetics. The recycled cardboard shell whispers environmental sympathies, while the colorful, action-packed belly band communicates all that iLife stands for. “It’s a simple, sleek, modern way of giving the consumer a permanent disc case, while duplicating the experience of opening a gift,” Robin says. “The contrast in materials adds a splash of color and vibrancy that attracts the eye.”

    KATORI DHOJI: Freelance Designer, Unified Design Labs “This study reverses the trend toward excessive paper and plastic,” Katori says. “Slim it down, make it more eco-friendly.” Her low-profile wonder uses biodegradable plastic, paper, and recyclable rivets, giving iLife ’09 a negligible carbon footprint (all user documentation is stored on the disc itself). Just grab your disc off the Apple Store display - like grabbing a pack of batteries at a drugstore - and off you go. “Most people get their disc home, slip it into their computer, and never deal with the box again. This package recognizes, and runs with, that reality.”

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